Forensic Accounting Service

Occasionally business require an independent accountant to provide valuation services.

Businesses may also require quantification of losses, assess acute areas of concerns, financial disputes, investigate fraudulent transactions, and/or investigate financial crimes.

We have extensive experience of providing a range of services that include:

  • Support in commercial litigations - partnership disputes, completion accounts disputes and consequential losses.
  • Business and share valuations – for share buy-back requirements and/or shareholder dispute scenarios.
  • Matrimonial situations – valuation of business interests and assessment of business liquidity.
  • Financial crime and fraud – supporting investigation of incidences of financial fraud, providing support with defence in fraud cases and subsequent confiscation proceedings.
  • Support with assessing personal injury and/or fatal accident claims – loss of earnings, dependency claims, pension losses etc.
  • Financial impact assessments resulting from professional negligence by solicitors, accountants, and financial advisers.
  • Quantification of losses incurred resulting from other’s faults and support and advice in recovering the losses.