Financial Due Diligence

Making sure the right investment decision is made can have a huge impact on the value of business owners/shareholders.

In order to make an informed investment decision and create the optimum value from the transaction the following is required:

  • A good understanding of the target business
  • What the key business drivers of the business are – internal & external
  • Thorough understanding of the issues and threats
  • Comprehensive analysis, conclusions, and recommendations
  • Pragmatic and commercial reporting with emphasis on the key issues

We work with our clients to ensure informed investment are made by providing them with robust financial due diligence services that are aligned with the their set requirements and suitable for the financial funders. Our due diligence approach is designed to provide peace of mind by identifying all the critical factors that drive an informed decision to be made.

Our highly experienced team undertake a tailored approach and focus on the key risk areas to provide a pragmatic and commercial insights to ensure the investment business case is robust and all the difficult questions are addressed.

We communicate with our clients throughout the transaction process to ensure they are fully aware of all the issues as they arise. We also provide expertise and practical advice on how to resolve any issues that surface and draw on the expertise of our team from other services. Our clients benefit from the seamless integration of financial due diligence with tax, pensions, commercial, HR, digital/technology, operational and sourcing. We have a comprehensive Due Diligence Framework, covering all areas of assessment and work with our clients to scope project.