Funding Services

Gaining access to capital to fund expansion, new projects and operations is essential for businesses pursuing growth strategies.

Businesses can raise funds themselves by divesting or carving out non-core parts.

Alternatively, they can seek investment from third parties. However, since the global financial crisis the level of and routes to available funding has significantly diminished. Therefore, financing a business deal or growth project is not as easy as it was previously. The financing options are more sophisticated, with greater levels of risk assessments.

We have vast experience in supporting our clients in multiple areas that include:

  • Restructuring - by disposing of underperforming assets/ parts of your business
  • Access to finance partners – bank loans, capital markets, private equity firms, wealth funds, government grants etc.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Management buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Finding the best finance deal to deliver the best value for your business
  • Considering new financing markets
  • Valuing your business
  • Advice on the tax, legal and regulatory concerning financing sources
  • Due diligence for investors.

We have an extensive network of partners to support us in meeting your specific business needs.