A Management Buy Out (MBO) or Management Buy In (MBI) can present a unique opportunity for the current management team to generate substantive personal wealth by participating in the value they create in the business they run.

It can also be a complex process that requires the right support to achieve the maximum value for our clients.

Our team has vast experience in guiding and supporting management teams through the MBO & MBI processes. We provide advice to management teams on structuring, valuation, financing and tax planning as well as supporting them to structure and present credible bids.

We team work closely with our clients to support them with the following:

  • Assessment benefits and risks to businesses of an MBO/MBI
  • Tax planning advice
  • Ensuring appropriate approaches to potential vendors
  • Supporting with the negotiations with vendors
  • Delivering business plans, presentations, supporting financial projections
  • Supporting clients with raising funds through our network of partners
  • Liaising with any legal advisors
  • Complete project management to completion