Valuations & Intellectual Property (IP)

All businesses reach a point where the owners need to understand the value of their business and/or assets they manage.

The drivers for this requirement could include:

  • Regulatory, governance and compliance
  • Support strategic decisions, such as, M&As or divestments
  • Assist in dispute resolutions
  • Monitoring of portfolio performance or maximising value

Valuation is a complex process as all businesses are unique and face different challenges and competitive pressures. The value of any business or asset is intrinsically linked to its current and future income potential. These future income element is projected based on a number of assumptions and can be controversial.

Valuation requires an in-depth assessment of the target business capabilities, the market environment, its governance, and its competitive position. It requires analysis of the financial and non-financial information and assessment of other factors, such as, the legal and regulatory environment, commercial insights, and internal and external risks and threats.

Our highly experienced team works closely with our clients to understand their requirements and to develop custom solutions to address complex valuation issues. We have extensive experience in valuing businesses and assets across many of industry sectors. Once we understand the drivers and requirements for valuation we formulate the most effective valuation methodology to deliver the most insightful, robust and suitable valuation assessment.