Business Efficiencies

Businesses are under constant pressure to operate more efficiently in a very dynamic and competitive environment.

When the revenues and profits are in distress there are a few routes you can take such as cutting costs, improving the efficiency of your operations, or carving out parts of your business that are under performing.

Also, following a merger or acquisition, you might need to ensure a smooth transition to your new operational model, reduce costs, manage risks, and leverage resources more efficiently for optimal performance and profitability. You could also be getting your business into a lean operating model prior to an exit or divestment to maximise the value.

We deploy our COMU (Cost Out Margin Up) framework to help businesses to:

  • Identify carve-out and transitional support costs as well as expected returns from any deals - get the best value for your assets
  • Assess and formulate turnaround and change plans
  • Assess budgets and financial baselines
  • Improve cash forecasting, management, and monitor liquidity
  • Target ‘quick wins’ in working capital improvements or other cash generation activities
  • Formulate and implement realistic cost saving plans
  • Put in place programme governance to support the delivery of turnaround projects
  • Negotiate with external stakeholders
  • Assess and restructure terms with your suppliers.

We have vast experience in delivering great impact and outcomes for clients across many industry sectors.