Sales & Marketing Strategy

Innovative marketing and sales strategies are essential to launching a new business idea, reinvigorating current business, achieving commercial development or to market an invention.

Marketing is all about knowing your industry and customers and how to reach and engage them.

We can support with market research, enabling you to gain a better understanding of your target market and customer segments. We can also help establish partnerships with wholesalers, distributors and retailers, and other stakeholders that will add value to your business and help promote your products and services.

We can help in developing compelling sales and marketing strategies that will promote your business and product to attract new customers, improve customer loyalty and increase your revenue. We also support in developing targeted pricing strategies, improving product/service portfolio management, and optimising of your sales channels to increase profitability.

Our services include:

  • Creation of customer strategy that promote loyalty and identify new customer opportunities.
  • Creation of marketing strategy to assess opportunities and realise maximum value.
  • Work with our partners (artists, designers, social media experts etc.) to assist you in the implementation of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Creation of sales strategy to give you the best possible access to your customers.
  • Creation of a clear pricing strategy to achieve maximum value.