ERP Solutions

ERP solution implementations, whether SAP, Oracle, or any other solution, can be hugely complex, challenging, and costly programmes/projects.

Our team have members with vast experience of implementing large scale ERP programmes across different industry sectors using tried and tested methodologies.

We focus on all aspects of ERP implementation by leveraging our experience in helping businesses before, during and after an ERP implementation. Our implementation methodologies (Agile based) facilitate all ERP solutions and allow our clients to:

  • Ensure a strong business case for ERP implementation is in place
  • Evaluate and select the ERP solutions for the business and its requirements
  • Implement ERP solutions on-time, to quality and on-budget
  • Holistically address the business, process, technological and organisational aspects of a successful ERP implementation
  • Implement measurable operational and business process improvements – stated outcomes
  • Minimise business risks and disruption throughout the ERP implementation
  • Benefits realisation - maximise measurable business benefits after the ERP “go-live”
  • Rescue and fix troubled or failed ERP implementations.

We have an extensive network of highly skilled ERP specialists that we deploy to deliver quality solutions in some cost effective and quick timelines using our Agile based methodologies. While the market is full of low cost and low-quality service providers, we provide measurable results, great solutions, and a great return on investment.