IT Cost Optimisation

As businesses drive for greater efficiency saving initiatives, IT is always an obvious target as it typically constitutes up to 20-30% of the total cost base.

However, the focus is often on achieving quick-wins, which results in missed opportunities for implementing longer term initiatives that could deliver greater efficiencies.

As businesses face challenging economic conditions or diminished revenues focus shifts to achieving quick wins, often at the expense of implementing longer term initiatives that could deliver much greater savings. Worse still, such “slash and burn” activities can reduce IT's ability to support new business opportunities and hinder growth.

We begin by focusing on understanding the current IT/digital set-up and business needs. Our in-depth technical knowledge allows us to review all aspects of IT – operations, infrastructure, applications, architecture, developments, data integrations, sourcing, financial management and business intelligence. We work with our clients and deliver results by focusing on short, medium, and long-term sustainable benefits that can be achieved by a robust cost reduction approach, which creates an efficient IT/digital model that can deliver value.