Innovation & Product/Service Development

In the current business environment innovation is crucial.

In the consumer product realm, innovation can drive increased market share, profitability and growth, as well as survival in intensely competitive markets. Customers also have a strong appetite for innovation and increasingly demand greater choice and variety.

We can help our clients drive innovation in their products and services. Whether it’s current or new products and services, we can help businesses to improve their portfolios through a set of structured approaches. We focus on implementing processes and systems in businesses to help them formalise and operationalise Innovation and New Product Introduction to ensure it becomes a regular process – keeping businesses more proactive and leading in innovation.

We help businesses apply innovation at the right speed and scale in a methodical and sustainable manner. Our services include:

  • Innovation and product/service strategy development
  • Innovation operating model implementation
  • Product/service portfolio management
  • New product development and introduction framework
  • Product/service lifecycle management
  • Approaches to ‘design-to-cost’ and value.

With expertise in various industry sectors, we work with our clients and partners to deliver pragmatic solutions and insights that help to achieve the competitive edge amid digital disruptions and encourage a dynamic and sustainable culture for innovation.