Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a quality management methodology that aims to improve quality, performance and customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

The main areas of focus are the elimination of waste and defects from every process in the business, and only having activities that add value to the customer. Lean Six Sigma was created in Toyota, Motorola, and GE, but since the early 2000s its methodology has been widely deployed in pretty much all industry sectors. Whilst it was originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, Lean Six Sigma is now being widely adopted by service sector organisations including financial services, retailers, hospitals, education, and others.

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two different but complementary concepts: ‘Lean Manufacturing’, which is aimed at reducing waste, and Six Sigma, which is aimed at reducing defects and errors. Together they can help businesses benefit from faster processes with lower costs and higher quality.

Whilst the results of successful implementations can be very impressive, there are many cases of failure to deliver expected results. This is often due to the approach and the quality of the experts deployed.

Our experienced and qualified (Master Black Belt level) take an approach that starts with a full potential diagnostic (problems and opportunity driven) and focuses on the Six Sigma methodology first to reduce defects and errors. Once quality outputs are achieved through Six Sigma, the focus shifts to added efficiency and speed from Lean. Our experts initially gain an understanding of the business’s value stream, and then rapidly map out processes and costs. This leads to “full potential” being identified through analysis of bottlenecks, high costs, lead times and internal and external benchmarking. Finally, target areas and priorities are agreed, with focus on the high impact and quick wins – low hanging fruits.

Our team are qualified with extensive implementation experience of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and tools. We provide extensive post implementation support, which includes staff training.