Manufacturing & Production Optimisation

In the current challenging economic conditions and highly competitive global manufacturing environment, efficient manufacturing and production systems are a critical necessity to survival.

We can assist business to reduce manufacturing costs and optimise their processes, systems, and operations.

Our optimisation services are designed to minimise scrap, wait times and rework by ensuring defects are caught at the source and errors are prevented altogether. This can be achieved through process changes using Lean Six Sigma methodology and/or by the introduction of manufacturing and productions systems that collect floor data and allow intelligent control devices that share information to help efficiently manage inventory, automating production runs, line changeovers, and eliminating waste - helping reduce costs as well as:

  • Improving management of work in progress
  • Reducing inventory – just in time (JIT)
  • Optimising availability and maximising asset usage
  • Minimising distribution of poor quality products.

We work with our clients and a network of specialist partners that include industry experts and academics to deliver outstanding results and benefits.