Service Excellence Framework

It is more beneficial and cost effective to keep an existing customer satisfied than to acquire a new one.

A dissatisfied customer in today’s digitally connected environment with access to social media can rapidly cause significant reputational damage and tarnish the business brand. Social media is a game changer and is leading many businesses to prioritise customer service. Customers can share their opinions and experiences with millions of potential consumers with the click of a button. This has placed service excellence as a strategic priority for many businesses.

We have a very simple Service Excellence Framework, which we deploy to help our Customers improve the management and delivery of services to their customers. Our aim is to help our Customers build quality and service excellence orientated management systems that are pragmatic, easily deployed and deliver customer satisfaction.

Service Culture

  • Vision, mission, values
  • Norms and habits
  • Leadership principles
  • Professionalism

Customer Experience

  • Customer Intel
  • Account Mgt
  • Customer engagement
  • Continuous improvement

Service Quality

  • Service delivery
  • Service performance
  • Customer results
  • Customer feedback

Achieve Service Excellence

We work with businesses of all sizes and industry sectors to improve their performance and to introduce improvements to their service delivery practices and train their staff on how to consistently achieve service excellence.