Supply Chain Management

Today’s competitive business environment with erratic demand patterns, volatile supply environment, resource availability, increasing commodity prices and cost pressures compels businesses to have robust and efficient supply chain management.

Many businesses are already responding to these challenges and adopting alternative supply chain models by taking advantage of the global supply chains and cost reduction opportunities.

We support our clients by developing supply chains that are tailored to their market and deliver improved performance - customer service, cost, efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. Our services include:

  • Supply chain strategy formulation and management
  • Supply chain assessment and logistics optimisation
  • Transportation and distribution optimisation
  • Inventory and working capital optimisation
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Digital/technology supply chain - implementation of systems.

We work with our clients and partners to deliver tailored strategies and solutions that create value for the business and help to unleash opportunities for cost reduction, business growth and risk management throughout the supply chain.