Food & Drink

The food and related sector is extremely competitive, fast changing, highly complex and vulnerable to many external factors.

This requires the businesses in the sector to be managed very efficiently and responsive to keep pace with the dynamic and challenging nature of the market.

Food businesses require specialised services and support to manage their operations effectively and efficiently. We work closely with a broad range of food and related sector businesses throughout the value chain including takeaways, restaurants and casual dining chains, wholesalers and distributors, importers and exporters and producers – bringing new ideas to improve the business and evaluating unique opportunities for growth.

Working across the food and related sector gives us a broad perspective that allows us to help our clients reach optimum business performance and realise their growth potential. We support and advise our clients to recognise the importance of continuous investments in new products, markets and methods, as what is relevant and good today may not meet the demands of tomorrow's market.

Our specialist services can help businesses in such areas as:

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Strategic and business growth – M&As, disposals, divestments, investments etc.
  • Operational and service excellence - efficiencies
  • Supply chain management, procurement etc.
  • Digital and technology
  • Raising finance for investments
  • Payroll and employment-related issues
  • Valuations
  • Virtual Finance Director and Non-Executive Director support
  • Tax planning and relief strategies
  • Minimise risks from pricing and supply fluctuations
  • Optimise your stock control
  • Manage cashflow through interest rate exchange and rate fluctuations
  • Organisational effectiveness and culture management
  • Transformation – programme and project management.

With vast knowledge and experience of the food and related sector, our team of experts are best positioned to deliver top quality accounting and financial management, taxation, business consulting and management advisory services.